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Petroglyph & Tattoo Panel I by Georg James & John Dinsmore Petroglyph & Tattoo Panel II by Georg James & John Dinsmore Garden Scene by Lau Chun
Hawaiian Decoration No. 3 by John Kelly Set of 4 Tapa Tapestries by Georg James & John Dinsmore Flourish by Esther Shimazu
Leilani On The Beach, Hawaii by John Kelly Kiki, Hawaii by John Kelly Dragon Waterfall by Andy Kay
Bodhisattva No. IV by John Kelly Rocks in Lily Pond by Cynthia Schubert Bouquet I by Anne Irons
Bouquet II by Anne Irons Sun & Moon by Anne Irons Mynah Transgression by Georg James & John Dinsmore
Forever Mango by Georg James & John Dinsmore Two Ukuleles by Georg James & John Dinsmore Desire by Joey Chiarello
Oni by Joey Chiarello Goldfish by Joey Chiarello Fu Dog by Joey Chiarello
Hanalei by Russell Lowrey Pupukea by Mark Kadota Moon Setting by Mark Kadota
Waianae Valley by Mark Kadota Arizona Afternoon 3 by Dennis Morton Moon Over Ula Mal, Kaneohe by Dennis Morton
Hanalei Taro Fields by Dennis Morton Mariners Ridge by Dennis Morton Windward Shores

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