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Pair of Royal Worcester Chinoiserie Vases Aquamarine Bead Necklace by Miles Weiner Rock Form Crystal Necklace by Miles Weiner
Green Crystal Necklace by Miles Weiner Crystal Necklace by Miles Weiner Agate Necklace by Miles Weiner
Ichikawa Danjuro as Goemon by Toyohara Kunichika Dunhill Enamel Cosmetic Box Sapphire Stacking Ring by Tomi
Emerald Stacking Ring by Tomi Pink Sapphire Stacking Ring by Tomi Red/Yellow Jade Necklace by Tomi
Pearl Pendant by Tomi 3-Strand Coral Necklace by Tomi Chalcedony Earrings by Tomi
Jadeite Earrings by Tomi White Jade Bead Bracelet by Tomi Gold & Diamond Leaf Earrings by Tomi
Chalcedony Necklace by Tomi Beveled Mirror in Bamboo Frame Map of the Pacific Ocean
Carnelian Bead Small Tiffany Cigarette Box Small Middle Eastern Scent Bottle
Motherhood, Holland 1912 by Charles W. Bartlett Tiffany Style Lamp Arab Jambiya
Arab Jambiya
Arab Jambiya Small Syrian Dagger French Postcard II (39/55) by Mayumi Oda
Arab Jambiya