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Give Us Some of That (Shunga) Love with a Carpenter Domestic Bliss
Lovers Embrace Half Hidden Shunga Japanese Shunga
Holy of Holies Lovers Kiss, After Maruyama Okyo Izanami and Izanagi
Taken by Two Men (Shunga) Power of a Woman Shunga The Pocket Watch (Shunga)
Japanese Shunga Ferryman & Lady Tattoo
Love with a Farmer Silly Puppy (Shunga) After the Festival
Silly Masked Lover Music Party Shunga Lovers Party
Boys Day Shunga Heian Lovers Off to War
Off to War
Japanese Shunga Naughty Monk & Nun Tantric Shunga
With Guidance (Shunga) Peeping Daruma Entering The Jade Gate