Art Restoration
Art Restoration: Conservation & Restoration of Fine Art including Japanese, Chinese, and Korean paintings and scrolls on paper and silk, oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, and prints, drawings, pastels, and charcoals on paper.

The conservation and restoration of fine art is a complex discipline requiring the talent and aesthetic sense of an artist and the knowledge and precision of a scientist. Fine art conservation aims to slow the deterioration (natural or otherwise) of a work to ensure its continuity as a cultural property.

If you would like to inquire about the restoration of your artwork, please email us with several photographs of the item to We would be happy to get back to you with an idea of what kind of restoration is possible, the cost, and time-frame for the service. We provide restoration for private parties, corporate collections, non-profit organizations, and museums world-wide.

Please visit our blog to view case studies with before & after photos of various projects that we have worked on!

We're proud to offer conservation and restoration services for:

Asian Art Restoration

Hawaiian, Western,
and European Art Restoration

  • Japanese Woodblock Prints
  • Paintings on paper or silk
  • Japanese and Chinese scrolls
  • Japanese folding screens
  • Tibetan thangkas
  • Bhutanese thangkas
  • Sculpture in ceramic, porcelain, and wood
  • Watercolors
  • Pastels
  • Charcoal drawings
  • Oil paintings
  • Acrylic paintings
  • Lithographs, engravings, and other prints on paper

Folding Screens (Byobu)Restoration

Restoration services for screens include:

  • Correction of warping and rippling in screens and scrolls
  • Correction of old repairs of artwork
  • Removal of stains and water damage
  • Repair of splits and tears
  • Repair of folding screen hinges
  • Replacement of missing areas in artwork
  • Replacement of silk brocades
  • Re-touching of paintings

Meet the Conservator, Frankie Saucedo

Art Conservator

Frankie has specialized in the restoration of beautiful works of art for more than ten years. He began as a finisher of fine furniture and pianos and later developed his specialty in the conservation and restoration of Asian art at the Honolulu Museum of Arts (formerly the Honolulu Academy of Arts). At the museum, he was fortunate to learn from a world renowned expert as well as the privilege of working on some of the most beautiful and most valuable pieces in the HMA collection. The museum closed their conservation department several years ago due to budget constraints but we are fortunate to gain Frankie's unique skills and experience.

View our case studies below or on our blog for great examples of what's possible and a portfolio of what we have done in the past!