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Mayumi Oda

(1941 - )
Silkscreen printmaker; 1966 graduated from Tokyo University of Fine Arts; 1966-68 studied at Pratt Graphic Center, New York. Mayumi Oda is a contemporary Japanese-born American printmaker whose artistic vision focuses on images of goddesses. Some are traditional, and some she invents from Buddhist, Taoist, Shinto, Christian and ancient Greek spirituality and folklore. Her subject matter is often environmental and she herself is a founder of Plutonium-Free Future, an organization dedicated to safe energy and the elimination of nuclear weapons. She is often described as the "Japanese Matisse" because her works are full of verve, color, and free-flowing lines. She enjoys working in a series. Humor and a kind of naive charm characterize her work. The brilliant silkscreen colors have an unusual transparency because they are printed on handmade Japanese paper.

Previous Exhibitions at Robyn Buntin of Honolulu Gallery: